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Travis Marx


Evansville Soccer Club 2010-2012

Indiana Fire Jrs South 2014-2016



Evansville Pizza Hut

Evansville Sprit



Mater Die 1986-1989

1st team All-City 1987-1989

1st team Indiana All-State 1989



University Southern Indiana

All GLVC 1989, 1990, & 1991

NSCAA All-Midwest Region 1989 & 1990

ISCA All-State 1990 & 1991

3 times GLVC Champion 1989, 1990 & 1991

10th all-time in USI Career Goals 19

2nd all-time in USI career assist 34

8th all-time in USI career points 73


Dayton Dynamo 1993

Trialed Grimsby Town England 2nd Division 1993

Lexington Bluegrass Bandits 1994 (SemiPro)



3 marathons

Completed a 50 mile race


He lives in Evansville with his wife, Mandy, and his 4  kids.  Founded and operates Marx Concrete. 


“I’ve known Travis my entire soccer life.   He has been the most dedicated player to his fitness, technique, and all-around game that I have ever been around.  This guy put in the work that led him to be one of the University of Southern Indiana's greatest players of all time.  His passion and drive to find that next level are contagious, and he will pour that same enthusiasm into our players!”


Steve McCullough

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